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Where Art Meets the Avant-Garde

Easel brings you iconic art, reinvented. Our 100% original designs put a fresh spin on fine art, mixing old and new with impressive results. We blow the dust from centuries-old paintings to bring the past masters into the present. Every design is a thought-provoking mash-up of the traditional and the trending. Our edgy prints are then emblazoned on everything from t-shirts to wall art to upgrade your life and style.

Influential, Innovative, Inspiring

At Easel, we want you to admire masterpieces by Van Gogh, Monet, Dalí, and more with a fresh eye. We want you to find beauty and new meaning in every color, detail, and nuance. We hope you'll be inspired to delve into art history and rediscover the classics. All this while showcasing creative, contemporary design that marks you out as a modern art connoisseur.

Skilled Designers, Quality Products

Wear your artist fandom on your sleeve, turn your home into a modern art gallery, or use art as an accessory. We carry a varied collection of high-quality products adorned with unique prints made from scratch by our very own design team. Classical or whimsical, romantic or naturalistic; no matter the art style, Easel will get experimental with it